Snappy L. Chompers, PDI's Mascot
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Friends of Snappy

Surgery can be scary for a child! But our staff takes special steps to help ease anxiety. Before each surgery, each child picks out one special toy to bring home. Each toy accompanies the child through the surgery and waits patiently for the child to wake up in the recovery room.

Stuffed animals are generously donated by individuals in the community who are recognized for their contribution in our Friends of Snappy program.

PDI accepts new and lovingly-used stuffed animals. You can also donate to the Friends of Snappy fund here

Contact hazel(at) for more information on ways to make kids smile!



Snappy -Round

About Snappy

Snappy L. Chompers, mascot, was born in January of 2008. This friendly alligator helps spread the word about the importance of healthy teeth, brushing and flossing, and eating healthy food like fruits and vegetables. 

His middle name is Louis, the name of an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer who was integral in helping establish PDI. Snappy often attends community outreach events and dental screenings, showing children how to properly brush and floss and keep their teeth cavity-free!

Snappy always remembers to brush and floss his 65 teeth twice a day. He lives in Sonoma County. 

You can follow him on his Facebook page, on PDI's Facebook page, or sometimes he turns up on PDI's Twitter feed @PediatricDental