Outreach and Education

                             Pedro Diaz      Oral Health Promotor


Pedro Diaz, our Oral Health Educator, trained as a CDHW and provides in-house prevention education to the parents while the patient is being treated. When he meets with the parents one-on-one, he makes sure to create an atmosphere of trust where they feel comfortable to express their concerns and ask questions about their child’s dental health. He also provides ideas and techniques for parents on how to improve their oral hygiene at home as well as nutritional tips. Prior to joining the PDI team, Pedro attended Sonoma State where he played soccer, and had the opportunity to travel to Europe and try out for a professional team. When he returned to Sonoma County he worked at Roseland Elementary as an Instructional Assistant working with children. Since he is born and raised in the Roseland community, one of his ambitions is to see other children to thrive and have an opportunity for a happy healthy life that is cavity free.

Mayte Sanchez    Oral Health Promotora


Mayte Sanchez

Tiffany L Lopez
Oral Health Promotora 


Tiffany Lopez joined PDI as a Promotora and has been providing oral health education and support to families in our surrounding communities.  Prior to receiving this positon she had been an active volunteer for PDI, assisting at outreach events and the team as a whole. She is a graduate of San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Child Development. She has a vast amount of experience working with children of all ages, and is also currently an employee at a treatment center for at-risk youth. She is passionate about providing children with the proper opportunities, aid, and necessities in order for them to have a healthy and successful life.