Outreach and Education

Wendy Lopez
Prevention Program Manager


Wendy Lopez moved to the United States from Mexico in 1995. Wendy previously worked with the Calistoga Family Center to enroll and maintain insurances for children, and has worked with families from Lake and Napa Counties. She understands the struggles families have finding affordable, quality dental services for their children. Mrs. Lopez lives with her family in Napa County. She currently serves on Leadrship Santa Rosa Class 36.

Grecia Mora Bernal
Oral Health Educator


Grecia Mora Bernal is a Registered Dental Assistant working at PDI Surgery Center. Her mission as PDI’s Oral Health Educator is to improve our patients' dental and general health by providing them with education on oral hygiene and nutrition. One of her main goals is to provide our families with the necessary support and motivation they need to prevent tooth decay and make good nutritional choices. She loves when she hears a parent say, “Wow, nobody ever told me that! If I would have known, my child would not have all these cavities!” Grecia says, "It is truly motivating to see patients leave PDI cavity free and, most importantly, pain free."

Gustavo Sanchez
Oral Health Promotor


Gustavo Sanchez graduated with an AS Degree in Community Health Work from Santa Rosa Junior College and is currently completing his Bachelor degree at Sonoma State University. He has spent the last six years working and volunteering in the community teaching health classes, organizing and coordinating events, and supporting case management. He has worked with several dental clinics and private offices providing early attention and referrals to other dental specialists for uninsured, underinsured and underserved children in Sonoma County. He has special interest in helping patients apply for insurance through Covered CA, access Medi-Cal, CalFresh and other public assistance programs. With over 12 years of experience serving underrepresented people who do not have access to services due to language barriers, transportation or other circumstances, Gustavo has a demonstrated passion for making sure that they receive the care and services they need.

                               Pedro Diaz                    Oral Health Promotor



Tiffany L Lopez
Oral Health Promotora