Our Happy Patients - Their Healthy Smiles!

Three-year-old Doug was referred to PDI after Baby Bottle Tooth Decay badly corroded his teeth. Doug needed 11 teeth capped and two incisors removed — treatment that required anesthesia because of his young age. “I didn’t realize tooth decay could begin so early,” said Doug’ mother, Elly, as she prepared for Doug’s oral surgery. PDI coordinated and paid for Doug’s transportation to the surgery center, and a PDI case manager accompanied him through the surgical process. Doug emerged from the surgery just fine, and was back to his chipper self in no time.

Doug’s mom says she learned a lot from the experience and recognizes the importance of cleaning teeth at a young age. She is now very aware of the potential trouble that Sam, her one and-a-half-year-old son, may face without proper dental hygiene during the early stages of his teeth’s development. She vows not to make the same mistake twice.


When Jesus, father of three-year-old Shakira, learned that Shakira needed oral surgery, he was shocked: “Shakira’s older sister never had problems with her teeth, but now Shakira needs surgery for hers.” PDI scheduled Shakira’s oral surgery, coordinated treatment, and arranged for transportation. Shakira and her father met PDI staff, and Shakira quickly grew attached to PDI’s educational stuffed crocodile — affectionately named Snappy Chompers for his strong, healthy teeth. She brushed his teeth dutifully while Jesus filled out paperwork and discussed oral health issues with PDI staff. Less than 45 minutes after sedation, Shakira’s surgery was complete: two of her teeth were removed and four cavities filled.

She awoke from surgery in her father’s arms, dazed but in no pain. A few hours later, she was snacking on sugar-free applesauce and cuddling with Snappy again. In a follow up phone call with Shakira’s mother, she thanked PDI’s case manager Sandra, who said Jesus told her that the trip had been “really special.”


Annette is a happy and delightful four-year-old girl who lives with her parents and younger brother in Clear Lake. Annette was referred to PDI from the Healthy Start program due to extensive tooth decay (13 cavities). While a bit shy on the ride to the surgery center, Annette's parents did not hesitate to ask questions about the surgery process. PDI’s case manager, Sandra, explained what happens during dental surgery to the family and gave post-operative and future decay prevention resource materials. 

A week after the surgery, Annette’s mother reported that Annette was doing very well, and that they had established a regular brushing routine. She commented that her experience with PDI’s referral, coordination, and translation services could not have been better. The family was very happy with the way they were treated and were especially thankful for the transportation that PDI provided.