Treatment & Service

Service Area

Our service area includes Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake, Napa, Humboldt, and Marin counties. However, due to limited dental surgery resources throughout California, PDI treats children from as far away as Del Norte County.

Our Patients 

A typical patient treated at PDI is three and a half years of age, with more than 11 cavities in their primary (baby) teeth. Once they are put under general anaesthesia, cleanings and x-rays are always a part of treatment, while fillings, extractions, crowns and pulpotomies (root canals on baby teeth) are  the most common treatment options for our patients.     

Funding and Support

PDI Surgery Center currently accepts insurance from Medi-Cal,Healthy KidsHealthy Families and other similar insurance programs.

More than 85% of medical services provided by PDI Surgery Center are paid by Medi-Cal. The gap in government funding is filled by individual and corporate donations and grants.   

To help children or patients with developmental disabilities receive the dental care care they need, please contact us at (707) 838-6560, or send an e-mail to Hazel Whiteoak at hazel(at)

When should a child be referred to PDI Surgery Center?

  • The patient is unable to sit still for extensive dental treatment. PDI treats patients ages 0 - 18.

  • Surgical dental procedure(s) require general anesthesia.

  • The procedure needed is longer than a child of pre-cooperative age can sit.

  • Patient is mentally/physically handicapped and requires general anesthesia for proper management.

  • Patient is allergic to local anesthesia.

  • Patient has a medical condition requiring medical supervision.

  • Patient cannot be adequetely anesthetized with local anesthetic alone.

  • Patient suffers from acute dental fear or anxiety. 

PDI Surgery Center's dentists and anesthesiologists are experienced in hospital dentistry. Dentists travel to PDI from throughout California. They are dedicated to treating children who suffer from severe tooth decay.

Our surgery center provides a safe environment for our patients. PDI uses the latest technology, including digital x-rays, intra-oral camera and monitoring equipment.

Dental health is integral to the long term health of patients. We provide educational tools to help improve their oral hygeine practices and help prevent future decay.