The Treatment Process

From Start to Smile!

Julie -screening

DDG-and -PDI-H-P


A Referral Begins the Process

Patients must be referred to PDI by a primary care physician, dentist, or through a dental screening.

Health and Physical Exam 

A child must have a current Health and Physical Examination (H&P) before surgery (within 30 days).

Checking In at PDI

Please arrive early prior to the surgery appointment and prepare to spend most of the day at our facility.

Pre -op -rounded- Dr .-B-and -Michelle Post -OP-

Pre-Op Room

During Pre-Op, parents will meet the dentist performing the surgery, speak with the anesthesiologist, and a registered nurse will take vital signs and prepare for surgery. During this time questions will be answered regarding treatment plans and post-op care. 

During Surgery

The child is closely monitored while under general anesthsia. Treatments may include extractions, pulpotomies, crowns and fillings. 

Post Operation

After surgery, patients recover in our Post Operative Care Unit (PACU).


Download our Referral Packet by clicking here.

We are happy to answer your questions regarding the PDI Referral Packet, our services, outreach information or a dental home for your child. Please call the Surgery Center at (707) 838-6560.

If you have ANY questions, please call us.